Practical programming with JavaScript

Edit · Apr 24, 2013 · 1 minute read · JavaScript Object-Oriented Programming Programming Talks

Before few months I was invited by Telerik Academy to make a talk about JavaScript. Last Monday Marian Kostadinov, Radoslav Georgiev and me made a whole seminar about the topic. I’m addicted to the Object-Oriented programming so I choose to talk about that. You can find my slides at and a video (in Bulgarian) below in the post:

It was quite exciting for me to speak about this topic in front of about 200 people. The most amazing thing was that all of them were listening and were interested about JavaScript. I hope that it was useful seminar and all of use learned something new.

As short demo of the modular architecture, we discussed, I showed plainvm. I made some kind of “Inception” by embedding Windows 7 in my slide in which I opened browser with the same slides and after that played a little Mortal Kombat in the “virtual browser”. For me it was great experience I hope that I was interesting and useful. If you find any mistakes in my talk please tell me about them I’ll correct them in future.