Using GitHub Pages with Jekyll!

Edit · May 28, 2014 · 1 minute read ·

I’m switching to GitHub pages with Jekyll. There are several reasons behind my decision:

  1. Faster! - static HTML is much faster than my old WordPress blog.
  2. Lighter - Jekyll is much more minimalistic than WordPress, it has all I need and in the same time it is not too much.
  3. I can use VIM! - I can use my favorite text editor in order to:
  • configure my blog
  • write blog posts
  1. Reliable hosting - last a couple of yeas I pay for hosting, which is not reliable enough. Last day my blog was offline for a couple of hours because it “exceed the computational resources of my shared hosting”, wtf?! Can a wordpress blog do that? Anyway, GitHub pages are going to be the next home of my blog.