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Angular 2 Hot Loader

A couple of months ago I watched a few talks from ReactEurope. I was truly impressed by a few of them and especially by the one by Dan Abramov on redux and his hot loader. The tool he shown helps you do something similar to live-reload with one big differen...

Lazy Loading of Route Components in Angular 2

For the examples in the content below I've used the angular2-seed project. The code for the article could be found at my GitHub account.

Aspect-Oriented Programming in JavaScript

Note: The following blog post is based on the library aspect.js, which can be found here.

Flux in Depth. Store and Network Communication.

This is the second, and probably be the last, blog post of the series "Flux in Depth". In the first post we did a quick overview of flux, took a look at the stateless, pure components, immutable data structures and component communication. This ti...

Using JSX with TypeScript

JavaScript is a weird language although, we love it the way it is. However, I've had quite a painful experience working on big JavaScript projects. It was painful in the same way it gets painful working on huge Ruby, Python, PHP projects.

Flux in Depth. Overview and Components.

This is the first blog post of the series "Flux in Depth". Is this "yet the another flux tutorial"? What I have seen so far, while researching flux, were mostly "how-to" tutorials (usually with todo applications), which describ...

Even Faster AngularJS Data Structures

This is the last post of the series "Boost the Performance of an AngularJS Application Using Immutable Data". I strongly recommend you to take a look at the previous two parts before continue reading this content. You can find them at: - Part 1 - ...

Boost the Performance of an AngularJS Application Using Immutable Data - Part 2

A few weeks ago I posted the article "Boost the Performance of an AngularJS Application Using Immutable Data". It shows how to speedup your AngularJS application when having a lot of bindings to big data collections. The idea behind the optimizati...

Angular2 - First Impressions

On 18th of September 2014 was pushed the initial commit of version 2.0 of the AngularJS framework. A few weeks ago the core team at Google, published AngularJS' 2.0 website and gave a couple of talks on ng-conf about their new router, change detection, ...

Build Your own Simplified AngularJS in 200 Lines of JavaScript

My practice proved that there are two good/easy ways to learn a new technology: